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Our sense of smell is an extraordinary thing.  It can conjour images in our mind’s eye as vivid as any photographs. 

It can make us feel warm and nostalgic. 

More than any other sense, smell can move us, inspire us and evoke powerful emotions. 

The summery scent of freshly cut grass, the aroma of late summer lavender. Or the early spring allure of Daphne. Scents spark powerful memories and associations. 

With our flora designs we aim to bring a deeper more meaningful experience to enjoying your chosen arrangement. 

When you stimulate the most evocative of senses – smell- and link that scent with your special day or event you build stronger connections with your precious memories. 

The olfactory power of flowers induces a unique sensation of well-being.


Reflecting Emotions

We help you to choose the right colours and arrangements to reflect your deep felt emotions:


The Power of Herbs

Herbs have been used for thousands of years in the preparation of medicine and development of high quality beauty products.


Freshly cut stems of herbs offer so much in our floral designs, they add a wonderful fragrance. By using a variety of different herbs, we create richly colored and textured designs.


The language of flowers

Kate Middleton used the language of flowers to great effect in the creation of her stunning wedding bouquet:


Lily-of-the-valley -– Return of happiness
Sweet William –- Gallantry  (and undoubtedly chosen for their reference to Prince William)
Hyacinth –- Constancy of love
Ivy — Fidelity; marriage; wedded love; friendship; affection
Myrtle – the emblem of marriage; love. (The stems from a myrtle planted by Queen Victoria in 1845 are traditionally used in all royal wedding bouquets.)


Our Design Aesthetic

Is simple, we celebrate the beauty of nature with carefully selected combinations of seasonal flowers, herbs, and stunning foliage, working closely with our customers to reflect their own individual style. 

Beautifully arranged and hand tied utilizing breathtaking accessories such as divine silk ties and ribbons.

Flora Design Inspiration

000   This bouquet has a variety of textures, colors, and scents, thanks to the mix of muscari (grape hyacinth), lamb’s ear, lily of the valley, andromeda, helleborus, thyme, rosemary, sage, and scented-geranium foliage.
001   This bride’s bouquet is a fragrant mix of white majolica roses, Scabiosa, sage, basil, rosemary, and lily of the valley. The bridesmaid bouquets are miniature versions.
002   Gladiolus blossoms, sweet peas, and snapdragons gather in a modern take on the bridal clutch. Bouquet, $280, Bridget Vizoso;
003   Her bouquet featured craspedias, snapdragons, roses, and eucalyptus.
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