We work with many local nurseries
Transplanting bamboo to the bog garden
Boulders are a noisy business!
Planning the bog garden
Clearing Ponticum roots from the bog garden!
The bog garden takes shape



We have a long term vision to create a natural garden of enduring beauty.


A babbaling stream runs straight through the garden appearing as a main artery feeding the grounds. Our stunning mature oaks and beach trees are the lungs of the site. These plus very wet bog land areas create the starting points for our garden’s design.


Working with Beyond the Borders Garden Design we have undertaken a tree survey as a base point to ensure the long-term maintenance, survival and ongoing planting plan for our woodland areas.


Phase one has been to create a reed bed to support our bio-pure water treatment plant. Our mid-term aim is to be fully self sustainable.


Phase two has been the planting of the bog garden with phase three the building and planting around our stunning wildlife pond.


We have introduced many new varieties of plants into our garden.  With the introduction of rare and majestic tree species to ensure the longer-term beauty of the garden as it matures.


For your interest we have a plant list.  Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we regularly update the garden as it changes through the seasons.


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