Activity at the hive entrance
Honey ready for harvest
Set up of a typical small apiary
Published photo Bee Culture Magazine USA


Working in partnership with The Artisan Honey Company we are establishing an apiary within the beautiful Maen Valley.

Our Apiary is positioned to allow a wide range of foraging capability ensuring a wider range of floral sources for our honey.

The hives are stocked with some of the most well behaved and productive bees available, the Buckfast strain of bee, which is a favourite and one that was originally developed through a breeding programme at Buckfast Abbey.

Our ethos is to work with the bees to ensure that they are rewarded for the honey they produce with the best conditions and care that can be provided, to assist in this we are developing the estate by planting with bees in mind, providing for our own apiary and other pollinating insects that live in the area.  

We usually have a good productive season in the UK with flowers providing the golden nectar from between late April and early September, with each month comes a new floral source and, if harvested in good time, a new and unique bouquet for each jar of honey. 

Our apiary is one element of the Wild Eyed Deer sustainable vision helping to pollinate our crops, wild flowers and medicinal herbs and further enhance, promote and increase the local Bio-diversity.

Quality Honey and wax products are available to buy and we hold regular bee keeping seminars and courses  to help promote and further enhance the craft of beekeeping and general sustainability.


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